ADD ADHD Biofeedback

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ADD/ADHD – EEG Biofeedback Training for Attention Deficit Disorder

“The efficacy of EEG biofeedback in the remediation of attentional  deficits and specific learning disabilities is evaluated for a study population of fifteen school-age children in a clinical setting using psychological and academic testing. The Wechsler Intelligence Scale  for Children–Revised (WISC-R) is used in combination with the  Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT), Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT), the Tapping Subtest of the Harris Tests of Lateral Dominance, and the Benton Visual Retention Test (VRT). Behavioral changes are assessed by means of teacher and parental reporting. The training protocol  is enhancement of EEG activity in the 15-18 Hz regime, with suppression of excessive activity in the 4-7 Hz and 22-30 Hz regions. Significant  improvements in cognitive skills, academic performance, and behavior are found, and confirmed in follow-up. Average improvement in WISC-R full-scale IQ was 23 points. A preference for 15-18 Hz training versus 12-15 Hz training is indicated.”
Siegfried Othmer, Ph.D. and Susan F. Othmer, Clifford S. Marks, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, North County Psychological Associates

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