EEG Biofeedback Testimonials

My daughter has experienced a high degree of anxiety that did not allow her to interact with other children very well. She could not let anybody else control the situation or let somebody else be the leader in a game. She was very rigid in all social situations. After 20 neurofeedback sessions, she is learning to let go of the control of a situation. She can now face situations that used to cause great anxiety with a certain amount of composure. The rigid lines of her body are softening as her ability to interact improves.

Rehoboth, MA.

Within two weeks of training my 6 year old son started putting words into sentences.
What a joy, now i feel there is hope.

Andy M.


Under the guidance of Amalia Epstein Glen’s concentration and ability to focus has greatly improved. His grades are better, his self-esteem improved and now for the first time, he is planning to fulfill his dreams to go to college. These results surpass our wildest dreams and were not possible after years of traditional psychiatry and psychology. We express our gratitude to Amalia for giving our son a future.

Ann  D.


Our son Neil, 16 years old has a cognitive processing disability. He is far behind in his school work, nothing has worked for him. Amalia Epstein has guided his neurotherapy sessions and has changed the course of his life.

Mary V.